Sailor gets a lift!

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Next up … an Electric Wheelchair!

Vaughn Family Photo by The Fox And The Astronaut

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About  Sailor 

For many, when they meet Sailor for the first time they see this tiny, independent, beautiful little girl, with bright blond hair who is confidently whizzing around on her wheelchair like a pro – like she’s ready to hit the half-pipe! And if you’re lucky you might even get a smile as she passes you by.

Her wheelchair has been a wonderful tool for her independence and in a way has been an extension of her personality – strong, resilient, fast and always finds her own path.

For those that get to meet her, she is unforgettable, for those that know her she is a force. Where she has been and where she is today is a reminder of how one can overcome and be light to others, one day at a time.

Sailor is blessed; she has a supportive family, community and her parents advocate as best they can to try to help make Vancouver a bit more welcoming and accessible for her and in doing so has made a difference for others.

From advocating for the Vancouver Park Board to rolling out accessibility mats at two beaches to petitioning for accessibility policies in the City of Vancouver, the ripple effect of these changes is already leaving a big legacy.

Obstacles to overcome

However, as she gets older there are more obstacles to overcome and one thing that may seem small to us is a big deal for her. Right now the challenge for Sailor it’s getting in and out of her home; that is the reason why a friend of the family created this GoFundMe campaign for Sailor. The big ask: an electric wheelchair lift!

This need has now been met. Next up … an electric wheelchair!

Every time Sailor gets to/from home her parents or caregiver needed to pick and carry her up and down the stairs, every time; dozens of times a day. 

When she was younger this was less of an issue but as she is growing and getting older this became a point of frustration and burdensome for her. It also raised concern from her parents for her safety.

Now, with her newly installed electric wheelchair lift this is no longer an obstacle.

Sailor being carried down the stairs

A few of the reasons Sailor needs a lift

The reasons Sailor needs the lift are two-fold:

  1. It is unsafe carrying her up and down the steps, especially in the rain and snow.
  2. It will give her independence to go in and out of the house by herself (and bonus into the yard to play with her brothers) without having to ask for help.

Some may think reading this, “why doesn’t her family just move to a more accessible house if that’s the case”? But, where Sailor lives IS her home. It’s her favourite place (of rest and healing) and we don’t think her family should have to move.

That’s where you and I come in!


Sailor Vaughn with Mom and Dad Photo by The Fox And The Astronaut.png

Over a dozen surgeries

Sailor has had over a dozen surgeries and there will be more to come as she gets older.

She has had and will continue to have a rough road ahead but she is a conqueror and a mighty spirit.

Let’s give her an electric wheelchair lift and support her so we can make a difference in this little girl’s life.

Let’s make one thing easier for her that will lead to a bit more independence and freedom.

Are you in?

The electric wheelchair lift all-in costs upwards of 15k based on the estimate of a local company HME Mobility and Accessibility.

At Scrap Cars Not Kids, we believe that this is an achievable goal to raise!

Another surgery on October 13th

Sailor is having another surgery on October 13th and it would be amazing if her parents could tell her that she is getting an electric wheelchair lift while she is in the hospital.

Thanks for reading and if you’ve read up to this point then may this be an invitation to contribute whatever you can. Every dollar helps!

If you have any questions feel free to reach out through the GoFundMe page by clicking here!

Sailor on Global News

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